Our Why

Why Start a Farm?

At this time, when people lack a connection to the source and are searching for meaning, connecting to where their food comes provides people with an educational and healing experience.

By having a small farm, we are able to bring food directly to the customer and share the growth process through farm visits, volunteer opportunities and social media.

It is therapeutic to create a relationship with the plants, help them grow, and be able to receive healthy food and medicine. This relationship that one builds through assisting a plant through its life cycle allows one to process experiences and be more grounded as a person.

One of our main goals in having a farm is to bring people together while enriching their connection to the land. As people are building a relationship with their food, we are also growing our relationship with our clients and their friends and the farm community grows and grows.

One of our greatest values is community. We believe that bringing people together makes the world a better place. Additionally, working together as a team increases diversity, accomplishes more, and even produces transcendental experiences.

We came to Israel with a dream of reconnecting with our Jewish agricultural roots.

Farming to us is a huge part of our spiritual growth and personal healing.  We have such a strong passion to share the Earth’s gift with others, which is why we expanded our family garden into a farm and started Havat Iyar. 

We love facilitating meaningful experiences that come with a healthy lifestyle and building community.

The world needs a lot of healing and together we can revive the ancient connection between the food that we eat and the land of Israel.

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