About Us

      Located in central Israel, Havat Iyar is a small organic farm growing super greens and medicinal plants. Our mission is to bring spiritual consciousness through farming, inner-growth, and healing. We wanted to create a safe space for people to come and be who they are while working together, learning together, and connecting back to the land. Our growing methods are rooted in permaculture practices to care for the well-being of the Earth and its people.
Our Why:
We came to Israel with a dream of reconnecting with our Jewish agricultural roots.  Farming to us is a huge part of our spiritual growth and personal healing.  We have such a strong passion to share the Earth’s gift with others, which is why we expanded our family garden into a farm and started Havat Iyar.  We love facilitating meaningful experiences that come with a healthy lifestyle and building community. The world needs a lot of healing and together we can revive the ancient connection between the food that we eat and the land of Israel. To us, this is our way of taking part in bringing Moshiach.

Nice to meet you!

Hi! We are Eliezer and Avigail
Sapir, a.k.a Eli and Abby. We met in Israel in 2010 when we both came through year-long MASA programs.  (Eliezer's passion for plants took him to a permaculture course on Chava V’Adam Ecogoical Farm in Modi'in, and Avigail's artistic flame burned at Bezalel school of arts in Jerusalem.) 

We returned to America for a couple of years to finish school, got married and then made aliyah to fulfill our dream as pioneers.

The journey started off in Jerusalem before blasting off to the Beit Shean Valley. At StayTru Farm, we built a geodome and planted lots of trees and enjoyed the freedom and exhiration of working the land and sleeping under the stars.

We relocated to Tzfat for the next few years where Avigail created original paintings, ketubot and blew glass with renowned glass artist Sheva Chaya. Those years in the mystical Tzfat were (very authentic healing community) but we knew we had to eventually leave the city for a place with more farming opportunties.

A fews years later, we moved to Moshav Bnei Re'em where we had the space to start our own projects. Our small family garden turned into a larger family farm, Havat Iyar.

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